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Poster: Mandojammer Date: Jul 9, 2012 10:03am
Forum: GratefulDead Subject: Re: Let it grow


We just thinned the basil herd and made a basil-onion-garlic-thyme-rosemary rub that I used and grilled fresh mahi mahi Friday night. Mrs Mando is the herb green thumb and has at least the following basils going in the square foot beds and herb boxes:

Thai basil
Cinnamon basil
African blue basil - sterile so no seeds but can easily be propogated from cuttings
Syrian basil
Regular sweert basil
Globe basil - bizarre plant that only grows to about 10 inches high but spills out over itself in 'pillows'. Very intense flavor.

I have become fond lately of stripping a leaf from the lemon verbena and stevia and popping it into my mouth. Amazing flavor once you get used to the intensity of the fresh stevia.

Here's some pics courtesy of Mrs. Mando's artistic eye

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Poster: craven714 Date: Jul 9, 2012 11:45am
Forum: GratefulDead Subject: Re: Let it grow

oms. that is the shit!!!! wait.... one more exclamation
point. ---->>> ! (there we go)

Mrs Mando's (and ur) garden is to die for...
Im so jealous over here.

Dwarf brown turkey fig is one of my fav bands too; Their
stuff is so tasty :) Wont listen to anything after 81

Kidding aside, I have just got into the herb garden thing,
and am loving it. lemon verbena is something that has
caught my eye lately as well. It is very good for you
from what I have read. I could use some tips. That, and
garlic for next year. Plant in the fall? sounds dangerous.
Ohio winters and garlic dont seem feasible to me, but Im
willing to try. Lord knows I have screw up soooooo many
other things.

Got the sweet, purple, blue and Thai basil down, but that
cinn basil sounds really good too. Never heard of it.
horrible joke ALERT: Does the Syrian basil go well with
genocide? Boooooo all you want, I cant hear you.

I check this site out sometimes. Itsa niiice (borat voice)
There is another which covers the lemon verbena more, but
Im on the work comp, and cant find it (no favorites).

Very nice pix Mando! (or thx the mrs.) The 'rub on the
dolphin' (not Flipper, although I have seen the porno) sounds mighty good, as you mention. Little EVOO
lotioning perhaps? (again, not porno related)

sounds as good as 'the rub' that the GD ever layed down.
Sry Pigpen. I cant hear him either, but at least it
is a GD reference ;P

My neighbors give my the strangest looks as I eat a thyme
stems and some garlic chives out of the front while Im watering. but joke em if they cant take a fuck.

Got any recipes to share? You know where to find me.